Eucalyptus Deglupta is a beautiful multi-colored tree native from the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It gradually changes color as it ages: first a pale green before becoming darker blue, purple,orange which why it get its name Rainbow Eucalyptus. It can measure up to seventy-five feet high and has white flowers. It supports many types of soils, but prefers to live in the humid tropics. It can withstand freezing temperatures for short periods. Hardiness zones: 8-11.

There is Approx. 122,000 seeds per 1 oz.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Deglupta

SKU: 0002
  • These seeds are very tiny!

    Soak in water for atleast 24 hours. Sow seed 1/16" deep only and keep soil moist.

       Other way to germinate this seed easily:

    scatter the seeds into a paper towel, wet towel carefully with water and peroxide solution (3 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide). Fold the towel into three ways and place into a ziplock bags drain the extra water from the bottom of the bag or it will become moldy. Place in a warm area for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks seeds should be germinated by now, the sprouts should be scattered on the moist soil surface and DO NOT COVER with soil. Do not let soil dry out keep moist at all times

  • Zone- 8 to 11

    Height- 100.00 to 250.00 feet

    Spread- 60.00 to 125.00 feet

    Bloom Time- Seasonal bloomer

    Bloom Description- White

    Light Requirement- Full sun

    Water- Medium to wet

    Maintenance- Low

    Suggested Use- Shade Tree, Street Tree

    Leaf: Fragrant, Evergreen

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